Front Facade

The facade is a moment of sculptural balance, intended to subtly transform throughout the day with the movement of the sun. The design establishes privacy for the owners with only a single window facing the front. The Japanese Maple, framed by the architecture, gives life to the space as the seasons change.


The Living Space

The T-Shaped plan creates a strong connection between the living room and the kitchen, but also maintains subtle separation of the dining room (Which is shown elevated to the left of the image). The living space also opens onto a large patio overlooking the backyard.


Master Bath

The master bath was conceived of as a luxurious experience. A large tub sits in front of a floating marble wall. The shower and the toilet are tucked away and the threshold is created by a 9' tall glass door. A large window guarantees the space to be continuously lit with natural daylight that will mix with the whites of the marble.


The dining room is elevated from the kitchen. A long window and ledge draw light into the dining room. The concrete floors offer a material change from the living room and kitchen, creating a sense of separation between the programs

Second Floor Lounge

The second floor space is entirely flexible to be used as the client sees fit. A huge skylight and chamfered ceiling define the space. The skylight provides dynamic light to the room during the day. At night the skylight becomes a window to the sky, where one can lie down and stare at the stars. 


The cooking area is carefully curated. With a constant backdrop of the natural landscape it almost feels as if you are cooking outside. Integrated appliance systems and minimal cabinetry details create a feeling of elegant simplicity.


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