Lane A - Nashville, TN (2019)

Our homes can reconnect us with our surroundings. The architecture can remind us of nature’s energy and its beauty. In this design, nature takes form through a dynamic light, that spreads itself throughout the house. The light constantly changes, painting the walls as it moves through the space.

Lane A has two architecturally significant porches that frame the front and back of the house. Using layers of surfaces and interplay of light, the front porch with a red Japanese Maple creates a playful entrance.

The house has an open ground floor plan. The space flows seamlessly and is filled with natural light. The back porch guides attention from the living areas to the backyard while bringing a piece of nature inside.

The three bedrooms upstairs are carefully proportioned. Each room is experienced with different scales of intimacy with nature. A second floor lounge space opens to the sky through a large skylight that frames the changing colors of the Nashville sky. During the day sunlight dances around the lounge mimicking passing clouds.

These types of moments make the house dynamic and alive. We have imagined a space that will paint its walls with the movement of nature. A space that will represent the energy / beauty of being in such a relationship with its surroundings.