The Facade

Carefully curated, the facade with 4 large openings allows for a glimpse into moments within. More intriguing is what lies behind as subtle shifts indicate different spaces and programs. The concrete wall becomes a buffer between the road and the house. It opens up only where the designer wants the passerby to see. The house beyond is a white box, floating behind the protective wall.


The Living Space

A large double height space that almost fully opens up to the backyard is a special space, that will be lively during all seasons. Picturesque views of the surrounding landscape flood through the large 10' tall window wall. The windows create a feeling of being in nature, while the wood floors and the fireplace balance this with a sense of homeliness. 


The Kitchen & Garden

The kitchen and the private garden are only separated by a glass wall. The space is large enough to host a large dining room table and a conversational lounge area. 


The Oasis

A backyard moment elevated from the surrounding landscape, balances privacy and nature. The living room opens seamlessly with the outdoors. A large patio creates the perfect flexibility to host events or enjoy a unique outdoor space all to yourself. The living room has a large ribbon window ten foot tall by twenty-eight foot wide. 

The Exterior

The outdoor areas are a moment where architecture and nature blend together creating a sense of security and openness at the same time.

The Foyer

The entry moment procession is unique, the front door is fully hidden from the road. The foyer sits between two outdoor gardens, only separated by glass. 

The Bedroom

Artfully conceived, the bedroom is intended to provide comfort and privacy. The bedroom opens up directly to the elevated patio.


The overall size of the living space as well as its seamless connection with the elevated back patio creates a perfect atmosphere to entertain. The space is flexible enough to host a range of events.

The Frames

A recurring theme throughout the design are the square frames that are the main connection between the interior space and exterior. These frames are like pictures giving the owners curated paintings of the surrounding landscape..


The Bath

Here a moment of luxury is introduced. The bath is continuously basked in natural light from the large 9' x 9' window. The floating marble wall frames the 70" cast tub and hides the shower and toilet from the open bathroom space. 


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